Use of Medical Cannabis and Its Impact On Attitudes Towards Seeking/Receiving Mental Health Treatment

Liliana Cortez, Morgan Putman, Alyssa Hirst, Esmeralda Gonzales Sanchez, and Dr. Thomas Clobes


Much Research has found associations with cannabis use and mental health disorders. The substance has been used to treat mental illness and some suggest that is may cause mental illness. With the increasing state legalizations of cannabis use, it is possible that people may self treat their illnesses with cannabis. It is important to understand how increased access may benefit or harm the population. There is limited research on whether cannabis use has an affect on individual attitudes of seeking/receiving mental health treatment. Through convenience sampling we hope to recruit over 100 people who are 18 and up to take our Qualtrics survey. Our research is still in progress, but we hope to uncover further understandings of the perspectives of mental health treatment from cannabis users. Our research goal is to contribute to the body of knowledge on the intentions of receiving mental health treatment to help approach issues of individuals not seeking treatment when it is needed.

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