Game Memory 

Kimberley Soriano and Dr. Eric Kaltman 


This project seeks to evaluate the digital game preservation and archiving practices of computer and video game players. We aim to create a semi-structured interview template that can be used to study players’ gaming histories including their previous experiences with different titles (different games), modalities (different systems they may have used), and communities (how they connect with other players). The goal of the interviews is to get interviewees thinking about the progress of their previous gaming experiences and what they remember and retain about them. The semi-structured interview template will be used in future research to understand how players document their gaming experiences and gameplay progress. This may include where they store it, what they archive, and why they archive those experiences. We also hope this information helps improve archival management  systems by making it easier for players to access, store, and retrieve memories related to past experiences with interactive systems.


Session 3 – 4:30p.m. – 5:45p.m.

Room B – Sierra 1422