Robot Arm for Responsibilities on Naval Vessels 

Kenna Chase, Samantha Buckle, Dylan Dauz, Sameeh Olipani, Sara Centeno,  Hugo Quintero, Andrew Herdering and Dr. Jason Isaacs 


The United States Navy is exploring the potential of autonomous robotic solutions onboard its ships to reduce the risk towards sailors as well as cut back on costs. A problem that arises with this automation is the ability to complete a series of responsibilities that a sailor might need to perform while on a ship. Various tasks like pressing a button, turning a wheel, flipping a switch, opening a hatch, and determining the status of an indicator light are necessary functions of the robot. To further complicate the situation, components like the lever in the middle of the vertical hatch will have a proportional torque that will need to be overcome to be able to open the door.  This requires the development of an arm system that has the capability of sensitive, strong, and accurate manipulation. We propose to use a robot arm consisting of servos with custom end-effectors to accomplish this task. This will allow for not only large tasks like operating the door level which requires proportional torque but also sensitive tasks like pressing a button or flipping a switch.


Session 3 – 4:30p.m. – 5:45p.m.

Room D – Sierra 2422

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