Cultivating Effective Teaching Approaches Through Practice

Sabrina Shenker and Dr. Anna Tivy


Pre-calculus support classes aim to reinforce novel math concepts students learn in their main course. They also provide a lower-stakes environment for students to hone their math skills facilitating learning by minimizing pressures often present in standard math courses. For this study, I have been working with faculty in a pre-calculus course and teaching in a weekly support class comprised of twelve students over a 10-week period. My lessons included a variety of methods: games, one-on-one/small group tutoring, and whole-class presentations.

The research question has multiple parts: How can I create an environment conducive to learning? Which methods enable students to best retain the material they are learning in their main pre-calculus course? Conversely, which approaches perpetuate gaps in understanding? I have been incorporating faculty feedback to improve my teaching. To address the questions above, I have assessed the effectiveness of my activities to identify best pedagogical practices in a pre-calculus classroom.


  1. Sabrina, very good project. Nice presentation.
    Please add ‘Supported by NSF Noyce Grant to your poster in the header.

  2. Timely project, good methodology. Very interesting research and results are interesting. Good job!

  3. A very interesting presentation indeed! I agree that we should introduce learning concepts that enable students to retain knowledge for as long as possible rather than just for passing a required course.

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