Introduction to Cloud Computing

Patrick McDonough, Jeremiah Paguio, Albert Nunez, and Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk


In this presentation we provide an introduction to cloud computing, an economically important way of abstracting computing resources from an economic technical and mathematical perspective. In some ways, cloud computing is simply a logical extension of the much older concept of time-sharing which had become a popular model by the 1960s. Cloud computing also refers to various Platform and Software as a Service (PaaS and SaaS respectively) offerings such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simple Storage Service (S3) and database offerings from various vendors. The simplest form of cloud computing, infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), is the short-term rental of servers located in a central data center. Traditionally companies would each own their own computers. This was inefficient due to, among other things, the bursty nature of computing needs. This sum-of-distributions efficiency is particularly interesting mathematically. This presentation covers multiple eras of cloud computing including both its history and current trends.


  1. Nice presentation! Good presentation. Maybe you should have done power point presentation to make it more dynamc?

  2. Congratulations Patrick, Jeremiah, and Albert!

    Were you able to obtain information about how much the corporations you mentioned actually spend on cloud computing?

  3. Nice presentation!

    Where I work, AWS is overly expensive where we have had to covert expensive licenses for Oracle to a more basic version to cut costs. Also, AWS can limit the number of users who can be on the system at the same time. Unlike having your own dedicated server, which you can log onto at any time and use for as long as you like (since the computer has been fully paid for), using AWS is forcing companies to cut back the amount of time allocated to programmers. I’m not sure AWS is the default answer anymore for large applications.

  4. Nice presentation, it’s interesting on how our internet stores our data. Also good to know that software’s are creating to protect our privacy.

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