Mechatronics Applications of Distributed Control Systems within Professional Laser Laboratories 

Emiko Ito, Keily Valdez Sereno and Dr. Scott Feister 


Undergraduate researchers are an untapped resource for upgrading professional environments for experience and learning more about the industry. Our team found a significant problem within the professional High Energy Density laser industry: their control systems were outdated, while their technology became quicker and more efficient. While not being laser researchers, we were able to apply our Mechatronics skills to a distributed control system prototype for professional labs to imitate to ensure a more efficient lab. We have worked with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and the EPICS networking community over the past year to learn about the EPICS network and how to create our own systems and prototypes. Using off-the-shelf electronic pieces, our own electronics skills, and lessons in computer science and computer networks, we created the Baby and Sidekick systems, which have led us to be able to work directly with researchers at Livermore. These prototype systems are meant to be reapplied to larger and more professional equipment at these research facilities, while the main layout of the distributed control system remains. We hope to continue our work with Livermore and their associates in the coming year and send our systems and instructions to them as well as other companies interested.


Session 3 – 4:30p.m. – 5:45p.m.

Room B – Sierra 1422

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