Assessment of Various Methodologies for Teaching Linear Equations

Jennifer Mota and Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk


We will be exploring various methods used for teaching students how to solve linear equations dealing with one or multiple variables as well as with dealing with one or multiple equations. When dealing with one variable and one equation we are dealing with finding one solution commonly known as x. One method used is to isolate the variable through the use of arithmetic. Similarly, we will be exploring linear equations containing n number of variables in order to solve them using visual methods. When we are dealing with more than one variable and more than one equation, we are working on finding more than one solution, i.e., solving for x, y, z, …. and so on. Ultimately, after assessing the various methodologies used for teaching linear equations, we will be able to incorporate visual methods as a way to make learning linear equations more accessible for students when solving problems involving linear equations.

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