Coalition and Community Bridge Building in Oxnard

Jason Bauer, Dr. Leslie Abell, and Dr. Dennis Downey


For this community-based research project, we have partnered with the Community Advocacy Coalition (a coalition of individuals that advance the common good of African Americans in Ventura County) and the Oxnard Coalition (a relatively new coalition of organizations that serve the Ventura County including the Community Advocacy Coalition, CAUSE, and several labor unions, among others). The goal of this research project is to understand the desires and goals of the Oxnard Coalition members. We especially want to understand what coalition members expect from the coalition, how they want the coalition to function, and how the coalition can best achieve their goals. Additionally, this project explores Oxnard Coalition members’ thoughts about how to bridge Black and Brown communities and what role the Oxnard Coalition might take in those efforts. We plan to recruit members of the Oxnard Coalition for in-depth interviews exploring these topics and analyze the qualitative interviews for important themes that emerge. This poster will summarize our research objectives, methodology, and preliminary findings.

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