Generational Outlook on Mental Health and Disease Prevention

Faith Alviso & Dr. Colleen Delaney


The COVID-19 pandemic allowed for subsequent differences of opinion in relation to disease prevention, to cause a major division in American society. Specifically, this can be traced back to how information regarding the disease was released to the public. Some felt more strongly about their views on prevention or shifted them entirely, for example belief in vaccination became more about personal views instead of actual prevention and compliance with public health actions. Seeing that COVID-19 is a strain of the SARS virus, and how there was already a great deal of controversy surrounding public health regulations, especially going into lockdown. The months of isolation many had to endure had a negative impact on mental health and therefore well-being. If this is the result, we are seeing so far from an infectious disease re-emergence, it poses the question of how might another pandemic affect American society. To gather data, I used qualitative surveys and interviews to gauge thoughts and feelings toward preferred methods of prevention and stance on mental health importance. Thus far, results have been various as expected, but provide a general consensus on importance of mental health and how it also affects physical health. That being said, participants have many feelings on what can be changed, but are staggered in self willingness to implement it. By looking at the differences between the generational outlook on mental health and disease prevention we can gain insight on societal compliance with better prevention methods and keep good mental health in doing so. This information will allow future policy makers to see how generations feel towards the matter when given examples of actively re-emerging diseases, SARS, measles, and Tuberculosis. In order to best inform society by catering to different outlooks, in the case of another infectious disease outbreak.


Session 2

1:30pm – 2:45pm

Del Norte Hall

Room A: 1555

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