Oral Presentations Session 2

1:30pm – 2:45pm
Del Norte Hall

Anthropology & Sociology

Psychology 2

No Session


Room A – Del Norte Hall 1555

Anthropology & Sociology Session

Generational Outlook on Mental Health and Disease Prevention
Faith Alviso & Dr. Colleen Delaney

Business Affecting Mental Health and Mental Health Affecting Business
Marilyn Estrada, Dr. Colleen Delaney, & Dr. Cynthia Sherman

Grocery Gap: Limited Accessibility to Healthy Food Options in Southern California
DeJuwuan Pope & Dr. Ruth Calcanas – Golden West College

Investigando Diferencias: Exploring Variation in Limited-English Proficiency among Latino Youth in the United States
Andrea Salas & Dr. Luis Sanchez

Room B – Del Norte Hall 1545

No Session

Room C – Del Norte Hall 1535

Psychology Session 2

The Role of Pornography Consumption in the Sexual Victimization Experiences Among Women: Oversimplification or Not?
Denise Santa Rosa & Dr. HyeSun Lee

Culturally Sensitive Community-Based Research
Carla Gonzalez & Dr. HyeSun Lee

More Than Just Subjects: A Look at The Importance of Collaborating within the Community in Community-Based Research
Anabiah Syed & Dr. HyeSun Lee

Development of a Satisfaction Survey for a Multipurpose Facility
Martina Ortouste & Dr. HyeSun Lee

Room D – Del Norte Hall 1530

HSI-SMART Session 2

MRSA Antibiotic Potential of PEGA-Nucleosides
Sarah Byrd & Dr. Ahmed Awad

Measuring Fog Water Deposition Using Standard Fog Collectors
Bridgette Bagheri, Vincent Vargas, Selene Lopez, & Dr. Rudolf von May

Electrochemical Corrosion Model Validation and MIC Analysis Utilizing SVET and sSVET
Curtis Hauck, Trent Ruiz, Piolo Miguel Sanchez, Dr. Cynthia Flores, Dr. Brian Rasnow, & Dr. Caryl Ann Becerra

Quantifying the Abundance and Distribution of Leaf Galls in Male and Female Arroyo Willow
Selene Lopez, Barbara Reque, Sophia Rose-Wilcox, & Dr. Rudolf von May

Effect of Simulated Herbivory on Narrow-leaved Milkweed (Asclepias fascicularis)
Barbara Reque, Sophia Rose-Wilcox, Selene Lopez, Bridgette Bagheri, Vincent Vargas, Samantha Ronk, & Dr. Rudolf von May