Living with Death: Understanding Death Through Cross-Cultural Perspectives 

Amanda Corpeno and Dr. Colleen Delaney 


Many cultures around the globe have some belief in death, a method for how to dispose of the body, remembering the individuals, including ceremonies, memorials, and burials. Additionally, there are cultures that display a death denying attitude towards the concepts of death and dying. This research examines and attempts to understand the ideas of death and dying through cross-cultural perspectives to change the current taboo and fear against it as seen in Western American culture. The main focus is to discover the similarities and differences within the many perspectives so that we can reclaim meaning and tradition in our communities. The research will concentrate on the factors of religion, cultures, symbols, values and psychological aspects of death. Furthermore, this project utilizes information obtained through qualitative interviews and quantitative surveys for further understanding on personal views of death and dying. Exploring different cultural perspectives on death and dying can provide people with comfort, understanding and support.


Session 2 – 3:00p.m. – 4:15p.m.

Room A – Sierra 1411