Autonomous Weed Killing Platform 

Andrew Herdering, Hugo Quintero and Dr. Vida Vakilian



Controlling weeds is an essential and costly component to maintaining a home, park, or agricultural field. Methods used to control weeds vary from manual labor, using herbicides wastefully, or cutting-edge autonomous platforms. Existing research into autonomous robotic platforms focuses on large industrial rovers that utilize high-power lasers to exterminate weeds or small weedwhacker robots that require borders. These solutions carry a significant cost or require bordering conditions for the rover to operate successfully. Our solution focuses on an autonomous robotic platform that will systematically search for weeds in a bounded area and deposit a lethal dose of an organic herbicide. The platform can identify and avoid obstacles, work in a digitally bounded space, and maneuver itself to deposit the herbicide directly over top of an undesired plant. This solution aims to use fewer herbicides by specifically targeting and killing weeds. Our approach reduces the wasteful use of herbicides, and autonomously maintains a lawn free of unwanted plants.


Session 3 – 4:30p.m. – 5:45p.m.

Room A – Sierra 1411