GameStop Stock Market Issue

Joshua Beckman and Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk


Did anyone know what happened last year on the stock market in January 2021? We go into depth on explaining how the Gamestop stock activities almost crushed the market. We focus on the related graphs, the events on the Wallstreet Bets that caused this situation, and the related trading issues as well. You may be also asking: Why Gamestop and who are the Wallstreet Bets? Well, those questions will be answered in this presentation. A quick review of the stock market is basically a stock exchange. You can buy a company’s stock and you can sell a stock with whatever method you decide to do with it or you can even do options as well depending on the stock. The Wallstreet bets are a group of people or also known as subreddit people who discuss stocks and options trading. The Wallstreet Bets have over two million users and counting as we speak.


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