Calculus: A Student’s perspective on Derivatives

Oswaldo Rico and Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk


In Mathematics, specifically, calculus, the derivative of a function is the rate of change with respect to a variable. It is commonly taught under the real numbers. It is essential for future math courses which is why derivatives are a fundamental tool of calculus. The aim of this study was to identify the errors that students commit while taking derivatives of functions. The specific errors that this study will cover are, the product, quotient, chain, and power rule. In addition, there will also be some examples that have a combination of either of those rules. Students who take calculus for the first time struggle with derivatives in a similar way. Due to this, this study hopes to achieve the understanding on why the students take the derivative incorrectly at times. By identifying those errors, there can be further analysis of figuring out a way to make derivatives easier to understand for students.


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  1. Make the presentation more focused on derivatives. Include your data and results. And the video.

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