Poster Presentations Session 2

3:00pm – 4:30pm
Grand Salon

  1. Survey on Remembering Trigonometry
    Gameli Kaledji & Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk
  2. Air Pollution/ Happiness
    Kristofer Rodriguez & Dr. Lindsey O’ Connor
  3. The Relationship Between Locus of Control, Social Support and Cigarette Use
    Hunter Burdon & Dr. Argero Zerr
  4. Quaternions
    Riad Saad, Eric Strauss, & Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk
  5. Murder and Unkindness: Evolution of the Depiction and Perception of the Raven
    Lauren Schneider & Dr. Colleen Delaney
  6. Gender Differences Among Asian Origin Groups
    Carla Ramos & Dr. Luis Sanchez
  7. Racial and Gender Differences in Sleep Time amongst Young Adults
    Beronica Garcia & Dr. Luis Sanchez
  8. Waging War with Warfarin: A Qualitative Study on the Identities, Behaviors, and Lifestyles of Adults on Warfarin Therapy
    Julia Htoon & Dr. Jennifer Randles – CSU Fresno
  9. ANOVA and T-Test Techniques
    Megan Cantrell, Devin Ruiz, Christian Cobos, & Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk
  10. Mothers in the Labor Force: Returning to Work After Giving Birth
    Cindy Torres & Dr. Luis Sanchez
  11. Polya Method To Understand Problem Solving For Pre-Service Teachers
    Derek Wahl & Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk
  12. Mental Health in Young Adults
    Vicky Ortega & Dr. Luis Sanchez
  13. The Presence of Eugenics in Disability/Neurodivergent Policies
    Nathan Ramos Rodriguez, Arin Cavin, & Dr. Dana Baker
  14. Nonlocal Strain Energy Density
    Joseph Martin, Heydar Amanov, Diana Vargas, Trenton Cooper, & Dr. Cynthia Flores
  15. Mortality Salience and Political Attitudes: The Implications on Queer Politics and the LGBTQIA+
    Celine Garcia & Dr. Melissa Soenke
  16. The Relationship between Different Parenting Styles and their Attitudes Towards Psychological Services for their Children
    Viviana Solorio & Dr. Argero Zerr
  17. Generalizing Across Tonal Context, Timbre, and Octave in Rapid Absolute Pitch Training
    Noah Bongiovanni & Dr. Stephen Van Hedger, Dr. Shannon Heald, Dr. Howard Nusbaum, – University of Notre Dame & University of Chicago
  18. An Examination of Health Insurance Coverage among Latino Nationality Groups in the United States
    Fernando Medina & Dr. Luis Sanchez
  19. Ethnic Differences in Use of Mental Health Services
    Amber Termunde & Dr. Argero Zerr
  20. Student’s Understanding of Infinity
    Ivan Herrera & Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk
  21. Studying for Better Grades
    Ruby Sanchez & Dr. Amira Ibrahim
  22. Logs Through Technology
    Alexis Guerrero Marcelino & Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk
  23. TMT in the Face of Athletic Injuries
    Marisa Gonzales, Josey Martin, & Dr. Melissa Soenke
  24. Retention of Knowledge of Basic Trigonometric Identities
    Sandra Carrillo & Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk
  25. A Novel Approach to Bone Marrow Biopsies: Disease Detection and Biomarker Identification of Blood Cancers via Peripheral Blood Sampling
    Anushka Peer & Dr. Varalakshmi Murugesan – James Logan High School & VIT University
  26. Stress, Multitasking, and Executive Function
    Katherine Carroll, Kacie Chatfield, & Dr. Barbara Thayer
  27. Gendered Differences in Time Parents Spend with Children: Does Education Play a Role?
    Taylor Johnston & Dr. Luis Sanchez
  28. Toilet Paper Ethanol: Biofuel Production from Lignocellulose Sources
    Cameron Bartosiewicz, Madiha Jadwet, Colby Klaiman, & Dr. Blake Gillespie
  29. Harmful Algae Bloom Microbiome Detection for the Ventura Coastline
    Wendy Contreras & Dr. James Harber – Oxnard College
  30. A Cardiothread Tissue Culture Kit (CTKC) Capable of Being Deployed Remotely to Produce a Beating Suture for Robotic Surgery
    Dr. James Harber on behalf of his students Brandon Lyon, Vanessa Wong, Melvin Soriano, Rhianna Lee, & Kamille Romero – Oxnard College
  31. The Lifesmile Pro, LAMP-CRISPR can be Assessed with Two Cancer Risk Bacterial Targets, Fusobacterium Nucleatum and a Bacteriocidin Enzyme Immunoassay in a Home Testing Device
    Laura Carmona, Kaylin Choe, Miranda Escobedo, Wendy Contreras, Melvin Soriano, Rhianna Lee, Jasmine Rosales, Kamille Romero, Raizel Ferrer, Vanessa Wong, Brandon Lyons, & Dr. James Harber – CSU Northridge & Oxnard College
  32. Language and Terminology: Neurodivergence in Public Policy
    Arin Cavin, Nathan Ramos Rodriguez, & Dr. Dana Baker
  33. Mental Health Mothers Dealing with Depression and Anxiety
    Isabell Mendez & Dr. Luis Sanchez
  34. Against All Odds: The Exploration of Foster Youth’s Trajectories After Emancipation
    Cecilia Alonso & Dr. Colleen Delaney
  35. Food Insecurity among Farmworkers in Ventura County
    Joanna Cortez, Fabiola Sanchez, & Dr. Rachel Soper
  36. Understanding Campus Climate: A Discussion on Transparency in Survey Development and Dissemination of Data
    Martina Ortouste, Anabiah Syed, & Dr. HyeSun Lee
  37. Effects Of Temperature On The Production Of Ethanol And Fusel Alcohols In Ciders
    Tasmia Khan, Kevin Cortez, & Dr. Blake Gillespie
  38. Exploration Activity Prior to Precise Definitions
    Maribel Aguilar & Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk
  39. Calculating with New Elliptic Curve Cryptography
    Kyle Miranda, Amanda Dawley, Jasmine Torres, & Dr. Ivona Grzegorczyk
  40. Age Increasing Affecting Perception of Pesticides
    Cristal Gomez & Dr. Lindsey O’Connor
  41. How Do Children Function as a Means of Achieving Symbolic Immortality?
    Joshua Peraza & Dr. Melissa Soenke
  42. How Ethnicity/Race and Gender Identities Affect Academic Help-Seeking Behaviors and GPA
    Kayla Randall & Dr. Amira Ibrahim

    HSI-SMART Posters
  43. Qualitative Analysis Toward Bottom-Up Emulation Workflows
    Adam Larson & Dr. Eric Kaltman
  44. Investigating the Effects of Adobe Flash Deprecation for Online Preservation Efforts
    Matilda Orona & Dr. Eric Kaltman
  45. Characterization of Novel Genes That Mediate Serotonin-Dependent Effects on Behavior
    Delyar Khosroabadi, Lendin Stell Santiago, Skylar LaBrie, Jamie Ferns, Leighton Ledesma, & Dr. Gareth Harris
  46. Characterizing the Role of Glutamate in Decision-Making Behavior
    Gianina Pontrelli, Trevor Wolf, Ariana Perez, & Dr. Gareth Harris
  47. Investigating Mechanisms, Natural Variation, and Sex Differences in Response to Serotonin
    Lendin Stell Santiago, Kris Korpontinos, Delyar Khosroabadi, Annabelle Tran, Jamie Ferns, & Dr. Gareth Harris
  48. Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles
    Mark Banuelos & Dr. Brittnee Veldman
  49. Selective Capture and Membrane Filtration of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) through Graphene Oxide Synthesis for Water Purification Applications
    Eli Lew, Brandee Smith, & Dr. Brittnee Veldman
  50. Preventing Senescence Associated Age- Related Diseases by Targeting Anti-apoptotic Proteins BCL-xL and BCL-2 Using ICM Molsoft
    Isabel Molina & Dr. William Munroe
  51. Effects of GSK1059615 on Planaria
    Angel Rico & Dr. William Munroe
  52. Exploring the Oral Microbiome to Determine the Ability of the Bacteria to Utilize Sugar Substitutes
    Giovanni Rebolledo, Katelyn Cabeza, Andrew Hale, & Dr. Nitika Parmar
  53. Evaluation of Use of Scientific Language by First Semester General Chemistry Students
    Kylee George & Dr. Ariel Vaughn
  54. Strategies and Algorithms towards the pebbling number of Lemke x Lemke
    Nancy Villegas Sanchez, Miguel Solis, Erika Lopez, Susan Phillips, & Dr. Jorge Garcia