Oral Presentations Session 1

11:15am – 12:30pm
Del Norte Hall


Psychology 1



Room A: Del Norte Hall 1555

Interdisciplinary Session

Worst of Intentions: US Treachery Against Salvador Allende and the Consequences Fifty Years Later
Alan Ballinger & Dr. Hanni Jalil

ChatGPT in the Workplace: Use Cases in Marketing
Medhi Ben Amar & Dr. Minder Chen

Academic Library Director Leadership Styles and Questions of Democratic Governance and Active Citizenship
Sean Himebaugh, Nikita Sarmiento, Susana Fontenla Lago, & Dr. Colleen Harris

“I’m going on a hike”: Improving Brain Injury Survivors’ Memory and Eye Tracking Using Virtual Reality
Rasmey Kao, Nathanael Paulus, & Dr. Kristen Linton

Financial and Social Exclusion: Impact on CSU Undocumented College Students’ Awareness and Use of Campus Resources
Violeta Murillo, Marisol Gonzalez, Evelyn Espinoza, Cristina Cardona, Sandra Caballero, & Dr. Karina Chavarria

Room B: Del Norte Hall 1545

Biology Session

The Influence of Temperature on the Rocky Intertidal Zone
Colby Klaiman & Dr. Geoff Dilly

Using Machine Learning to Monitor Santa Rosa Island’s Tide Pools
Riley Frisk & Dr. Geoff Dilly

Live and Let Dry: Understanding the Effect of Small Proteins and Sugars on Membranes in the Absence of Water
Sheila Ferer, Alina Vane, & Dr. Hugo Tapia

Reliability, Validity, and Fairness Evidence for the LGBTQ+ Loneliness Scale
Kaylena Mann & Dr. HyeSun Lee

Room C: Del Norte Hall 1535

Psychology Session 1

How Heart Rate Variability Reflects Emotional and Attentional Regulation
Sage Real, Britney Mejia, Vanessa Ramirez, & Dr. Beatrice de Oca

The Role of COVID-19 in Anti-Asian Prejudice
Catherine Perez & Dr. Melissa Soenke

Behind the Scenes of Dark Triad Traits: A Study of Neurocognition and Emotional Processing
Dylan Vega, John Duran, Melissa Lang & Dr. Kimmy Kee-Rose

An Application Of Mortality Salience On Self-Esteem And Exercise
Kelly Wetzel, Jayden Ramirez De Arellano, & Dr. Melissa Soenke

Room D: Del Norte Hall 1530

HSI-SMART Session 1

Comparison of Local Avian Diversity in Naturalized vs. Artificial Riparian Ecosystems
Mason Avelar, Espee Calvillo, Lord Forde, & Dr. Allison Alvarado

Computational Aspects of Peridynamic Corrosion Damage Modeling and SVET Verification Techniques
Marisol Flores, Patrick McDonough, Isaac Cisneros, & Dr. Cynthia Flores

Modernizing Digital Infrastructure in Professional Laboratories with Mechatronics and Closed Loop Distributed Control Systems
Emiko Ito & Dr. Scott Feister

Escape Responses in Motor Defective Worms as a Model for Studying Sensory-Motor Disorders
Annabelle Tran & Dr. Gareth Harris