Forensic and Anthropological Methods on the Importance of Identifying victims of Serial Killers

Evelyn Garcia and Dr. Colleen Delaney 


The research being conducted will go into different aspects of forensic and anthropological methods used to acknowledging victims of serial killers throughout the decades. Going into depth, various aspects will be explored such as demographics of victims, media portrayal and investigations conducted. The main factor that adds to the research is how much influence the serial killer adds to the overall investigation that ends up overshadowing the lasting effects of those affected by the crime. In order to get the main idea across, there needs to be a deeper analysis of how idealization or fixation onto the person that commits the crime ends up overshadowing or dismissing the victims of the crime. Through the investigation of 5 serial killers both here in the Unites States and internationally, there will be an examination of how changes through the decade show gradual conversion between those committing the crime and those affected by the crime.


Session 2 – 3:00p.m. – 4:15p.m.

Room A – Sierra 1411